Best Tea Kettle for Tea Lovers

Once you find out that you’re a massive tea lover, be prepared to make a lot of investments. You can start small, but sooner or later you’ll want to move on to more advanced forms of tea making. Lucky for you we have compiled a list of several tea kettles that will suffice for tea lovers of all levels. 

You could be five years into your relationship with tea, or you could just be a couple of weeks in. The fact remains that you'll need the proper equipment to brew it. Heating water in the microwave is not the proper way to boil water for tea. The microwave will heat the water to temperature levels so high that the result is a bland cup of tea. 

In a kettle, the only content you should be heating is water. This way, you preserve the taste between the metal and water once it boils. You have numerous kettles to choose from. They include glass tea kettle and a small electric kettle, to name a few. The ones we'll go in detail about today are much sturdier than those two types and will last you twice as long.

How do you know which kettle is the one for you? Well, one of the four options presented below is bound to catch your eye, so keep on reading! 

Our Recommendations 

Best Tea Kettles under 50 Winner

Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle

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  • Three Liter Capacity 
  • Five-Layer Metallic Construction
  • Two Premium Tea Infusers Included
  • One Year Limited Warranty

What sets it apart? 

Pykal sets a high standard with its Whistling Tea Kettle. The product is extremely user-friendly because of the small touches Pykal has added throughout the overall build of the kettle. No other kettle in the market comes equipped with an iCool handle since it's specific to Pykal.

Thanks to the latest breakthrough's Pykal has made in Thermal Protection Technology; you now have a kettle that offers this high-end technology to your kitchen. Within a matter of seconds, your kettle will be safe to touch without having to wrap a towel around the handle. Once you turn off the stove, all you have to do is wait a couple of seconds and then feel free to start pouring! 

The handle also comes built with a push-button mechanism so you can simply push it down and have the spout cover lift off.  You will have to keep squeezing the handle it to keep the spout cover-up. Since the push button is entirely covered in the plastic material that the handle is made out of, you don't have to make any contact with a metallic part. This lowers your chances of burning yourself drastically.  

Superior Heating Performance

The more layers of metal a kettle, the higher are its chances of performing well. We were glad to find out that Pykal lived up to its name when it built this Whistling Tea Kettle with a five-layer layout. 

The encapsulated base contains an iron layer functioning as its core. This piece of iron is then melted between two aluminum layers. These three layers are then wrapped inside surgical stainless steel. This is a highly advanced method of combining metals to create a tea kettle superior in heating water. 

The aluminum material is the secret metal that keeps the water at boiling temperatures for several minutes longer than you’d expect. Water boils at half the time it takes some of the best electric kettles to.  

When pouring the boiling water out of the pot, it'll weigh you down no more than three pounds. Unless you're dealing with an arm injury, you should have nothing to worry about. Remember that if you aren't pleased with this kettle, it is backed by a one year warranty.  

For under $40, you can pour boiling water out of a Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle during your weekly tea party. 

Runner Up: Eurolux Tea Kettle

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  • Holds 2.7 Quarts
  • Stainless Steel 
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Comes with Free Infuser

What sets it apart? 

Eurolux manufactures products that aesthetically go with a modern styled kitchen, but still has hints of vintage items lying around. 

This kettle is about ten dollars cheaper than our winner, and that's due to certain features that force it to have a low price tag. For starters, the kettles can only hold up to 2.7 quarts of water, which is less than the three quarts the Pykal kettle can hold. 

Eurolux prides itself in creating a product that’s universal in use, which is why it made this kettle compatible with all types of stovetops. You can use every stovetop from gas, magnetic induction, or ceramic. 

When you take this kettle out of the box, you'll be able to see your reflection on it thanks to its shiny mirror-like finish. It gives the kettle an elegant and high-end appearance that will have guests complimenting it immediately. 

Filling up the kettle won’t be a hassle since it comes with a wide removable lid that allows you to fit your whole hand inside the kettle. Cleaning it becomes easy because your hand can reach every part of the kettle’s interior. 


Lucky for you, Eurolux made this kettle with rustproof stainless steel, which won't rust unless you leave water sitting in it for days on end. The brand recommends you rinse the kettle with water and allow it to air-dry by placing the kettle upside down on a drying rack. If your home has a dishwasher, you can let this kettle air dry in it. 

Eurolux utilizes the same five-layer design that we see present in the Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle. This kettle comes with five metallic layers that consist of stainless steel, iron, and aluminum. The metallic mixture permits the kettle's base to heat up evenly, so you know the water is heating at an optimal rate. 

Eurolux goes out of its way to ensure it's providing you a safe product, which is evident in the fact that it uses BPA free nonslip materials to make the kettle's handle. Gripping this handle without an oven mitt is possible because of the heat resistant material it's made out of. 

The spring lever system is the same as the one in the Pykal Tea Kettle, but the spout on this one is covered in metal rather than plastic. Some buyers prefer this distinction because it makes the whistling louder, which is great for those who can’t hear as well as others. 

If you’re sticking to a budget, this is the best tea kettle to choose from that won’t cost more than $30. 

Alternative: Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot

Amazon Rating


  • 52-ounce Capacity 
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Comes with Tea Infuser 
  • Comes with No Warranty

What sets it apart?

Old Dutch is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchenware in the United States. As the years have gone by, the brand has broadened its product line to include items of various sizes and finishes. This is to cater to wide customer satisfaction, so people trust any product to come from Old Dutch. 

Every Old Dutch item will be functional yet stylish, and this is especially true when talking about the Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot. 

Those knowledgeable in tea and the art of the tea making process know that the best teapot is the Tetsubin. This teapot is made out of cast iron and is well-known throughout Japanese culture for being elegant vessels meant for brewing and pouring tea. 

You won’t find a better teapot that this one because it brews tea to perfection. The cast iron evenly distributes the heat throughout the teapot to extract the distinct flavor of the tea you’re brewing. All the health benefits thoroughly extract from the tea leaves as well, which is good news for your body. 

The cast iron also comes with heat-retaining features that will ensure your tea stays at the right temperature for up to one hour. No other brand handcrafts their teapots to come with purified iron along with a lining made out of porcelain enamel. 

Even if you’re not well-versed in the complexity of brewing tea, Old Dutch is here to help with the Cast Iron Tea Kettle. Each teapot comes with a stainless steel infusing basket that allows you to brew loose leaf tea straight in the pot. 

You want to use loose leaf when making tea because the tea leaves end up being large, which only increases the potency of the health benefits and flavor that each cup has to offer. Ready to use tea bags may seem like a convenient option, but you lose a lot of the tea's flavor during the brewing process with tea bags. 

How To Use

The Old Dutch Cast Iron Teapot is meant for brewing and serving tea only. Don’t make the mistake of using this teapot to boil your water in. The heat will be too much for the teapot and will most likely endure a lot of damage, and there’s no warranty. 

To keep your tea warm for a long time, you can use a tealight candle to keep the contents inside warm. People seasoned in making tea recommend pre-heating this teapot. You can do so by pouring a small amount of warm water into the pot. For a few seconds allow the water to sit in the pot, swirl it around, and then discard it. 

Then, place the loose leaf tea into the infuser. Each tea has a particular brewing method, so make sure to do your research beforehand. Once you have boiled the water, you can pour it into the teapot. You’ll have to cover the pot and allow the tea infuser to steep for four to five minutes- depending on your tea. After your time is up, you can remove the infuser along with the tea leaves.

Best Tea Kettle Under 20

Winner: Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Tea Kettle

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  • Two Quart Capacity 
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Whistling Design
2Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Teakettle

What sets it apart?

What sets the Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Tea Kettle apart is its low price tag, making it one of the most popular tea kettles you’ll find in American kitchens. Cuisinart is a well-known manufacturer of kitchen appliances, so it’s no surprise the most durable for its price range comes from this brand. 

Since this kettle features only two layers of metal, it will help up quickly. The downside to that is it won't retain heat for as long as some of these high-end kettles can. Since Cuisinart doesn't add small details to the build of this kettle, it is extremely straightforward to use. 

The round base, combined with the plastic handle gives this tea kettle a modern style that can fit in with any kitchen. Remember you always have the option to place in your kitchen cabinets for storage if you don't like it sitting on your stove. 

Cleaning this kettle won’t be a drag because it’s not likely it’ll damage under the presence of soap and warm water thanks to its simple build. Make sure you wash it by hand to ensure you’re adequately cleaning the inside since that’s the area more prone to rust. 

For under $20, the Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Tea Kettle can be your introduction into the intense world of tea making. 

What features to look out for

Certain features will help determine the quality of your tea kettle, and we're here to help you figure out what they are. First and foremost, the speed in which the kettle boils your water is a determining factor. The quicker your kettle boils the water, the better. In fact, you can rest assured that you're dealing with a high-end kettle if it boils your water within minutes. 

Depending on the type of tea kettle you buy, some will boil water faster than others. For example, an electric kettle allows you to pinpoint exactly what temperature you want to boil your water. Because it's powered by an electric source, it can boil water faster than a stovetop kettle can. We find electric kettles to be more reliable but tend to malfunction sooner than your standard stovetop kettle. 


Kettles that permit you to change the temperature settings are ideal for those of you who prefer to get specific regarding the temperature at which the water boils. A rolling boil is adequate for black tea since it's harsh, but this logic doesn't apply to delicate teas. Those teas require lower temperatures, which is possible with an electric kettle. 

If you prefer a stovetop kettle, you can still try to achieve boiling water at a low temperature; it just takes time to get used to it.  

Alerts You When It's Done

A tea kettle can quickly turn into a fire hazard if it doesn't signal you when the water is boiling. With such kettles, it's easy to forget you left the kettle on the stove. After enough time passes, the water will evaporate, and eventually, the heat will end up damaging the metal base. 

For the most part, stovetop kettles whistle to alert you that the water's boiling. There are a few kettles that don't whistle, and we recommend staying away from them. If you happen to like a kettle that can't whistle, you can still use it. You'll just have to keep a close eye on the heating process. 

Electric kettles, on the other hand, will beep when the water’s done. Depending on how technologically advanced the kettle is, it may even allow you to customize the sound of the alert. 

Low-end electric kettles will just automatically shut off when the water has reached its boiling point. The click of the lever flipping back to the off position is a tell-tale sign that it's done heating the contents inside. 

Safety Features

An excellent feature specific to electric kettles is that they can automatically turn off. Stovetop kettles cannot achieve this, making the electric ones a safer option to have around, especially if you have kids. Having a kettle boil dry is the quickest way to endanger everyone in your home. 

Ergonomic Build

A kettle shouldn't prove to be difficult to pour or use. Making tea should be a stress-free process that doesn't harm you in any way. To avoid hurting yourself, you should invest in a kettle that stays cool around the handle area. 

Kettles made with cheap materials will feature a single-wall construction that won't retain much heat but make the surrounding metal extremely hot. It's easy to burn yourself with such kettles. Sometimes even two-layer kettles aren't thick enough, which causes them to heat up on the outside. 

Whistling kettles should come with a handle that doesn't absorb any heat whatsoever. If your kettle's handle does, you'll want to search for a new one. Outdated kettles follow this design-build. 

Technology has allowed us to build kettles with plastic handles that don't absorb heat. This means you can touch the handle even if it were on the stovetop for several minutes, without an oven mitt. 

An ergonomic kettle won’t cramp your hand when you’re pouring boiling water. The difference between a great kettle and a mediocre one is how stable it feels in your hand when you’re pouring it. The key features of a well-balanced kettle are a sturdy handle and a spout that gives you full control over the pouring process. 

Kettles with spouts that open thanks to a lever system are the easiest build to use. This system allows you to lift the cover of the spout by gripping on the handle. When you're done pouring, simply let go, and the spout's cover goes back in its place. 

Material & Durability

The metal of the kettle determines the durability of the product. The best kettle will consist of a five-layer metallic build that relies on a blend of metals to result in a high-end water boiling item. 

Stainless steel is the foundation many kettle brands rely on as a base. Whatever that stainless steel is covered with will dictate whether or not the kettle resists rust. Buyers number one complaint regarding tea kettles is the fact that they rust. Having to empty the kettle and dry it every time you’re done using it can be a drag. 

The kettle that tends to rust more so than others is the stovetop one. Whenever water and metal touch, rust is bound to develop. Some tea kettle manufacturers cover their kettles in porcelain enamel to ward off rust. 

Kettles made with one-piece construction won’t have malfunctioning seams to begin with, which means they are built to last you a long time. The lack of weak spots in the metal ensures that it won’t leak or let water flow out of places it shouldn’t be. 

A delicate spot on the kettle would be where the handle is attached to the body. A poorly manufactured kettle won’t strongly connect in these spots, making it more likely you’ll hurt yourself. This tends to apply to kettles that come built with c-shaped handles. 


You have to ask yourself, "How many people are drinking from this tea, kettle?" If you're buying a kettle for social purposes, you'll have to consider the capacity of it. You want to avoid having to boil water in batches to serve a handful of guests. You'll come off as poorly prepared, and who wants that? 

Moderately sized tea kettles will hold at least 1.5 quarts of water. Some kettles can hold up to three quarts, which is the equivalent of eleven cups of tea. Now that's more than enough to serve your guest's several cups before you have to boil more. 

To ensure filling the kettle isn’t hard, you should look for one that comes with a large lid. Removing the lid shouldn’t be challenging, and if it is- then that manufacturer isn’t the right one for you. A kettle with a wide lid makes it easy to clean and dry the interior. 

A rule of thumb to follow would be to figure out if your hand can easily fit inside the kettle. If the answer is yes, then you've found the perfect kettle for your size. Being able to dry the inside of a kettle thoroughly is extremely important since it prevents it from rusting. 

Not fully drying the kettle also has its downside of giving the water a weird taste- thanks to the rust.


Knowing the length of the warranty on a tea kettle can come in handy. Some of the kettles above have a lifetime warranty guarantee, which makes it worth the extra ten dollars if that means you’ll have an item that’ll last you a lifetime. 


Explore your tea making skills with one of the kettles listed above. If you want to make a proper tea investment, you should purchase a kettle and a teapot, to ensure you taste the full flavors that the tea leaves have to offer.  

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