Circulon Sunrise Teakettle Review

People have been enjoying drinking tea for centuries. As the years have gone by, technology has progressed in a way that's positively affected the tools required for making tea. In some countries, tea has transformed from being a sacred ceremony to a task completed daily. 

You can reapply that beauty back to the art of tea-making by equipping yourself with a tea kettle that enhances the experience. Such a kettle exists, and it comes from Circulon. The manufacturer has various models of tea kettles, but only one is both affordable and of decent quality and that is the Circulon Sunrise Tea Kettle. 

Continue reading for a close look at the Circulon Sunrise Tea Kettle features. This just might be the kettle you need to improve your tea-making skills. 

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Circulon Sunrise Teakettle Review


  • Holds 1.5 Quarts
  • Available in a Dark Blue Color
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

What’s so special about it? 

Circulon has spent the last 25 years dedicating its time to designing appliances that provide style and practicality to your home. Its products feature iconic shapes that will stand out and have guests complimenting your choice in product. Its Sunrise tea kettle is one of four models, to break it down even further, this is a mid-range model Circulon has to offer. 

The best selling model goes by the name Morning Bird. Those of you who are serious coffee or tea drinkers will find that kettle to be more accommodating than this one. However, if the Sunrise has caught your eye largely because of its low price tag, then you can't get any better in this range than this tea kettle. 

The Circulon Sunrise Teakettle holds up to 1.5 quarts of water, which serves up to six cups of water. For one person or a group, this kettle will suffice, so you can’t go wrong purchasing it. The best way to make a cup of tea is to let it sit in a pot for a couple of minutes before you serve it. Of course, the type of tea you’re drinking will determine how you serve it, and this kettle will function in each scenario. It has universal use that comes with a lifetime warranty. 

This means that anytime throughout your life, this product manages to malfunction, Circulon will send you a new one right away. There are small differences that separate the high-end model with this mid-range one, and that largely rests in its capacity and unique design elements. 

The Sunrise Tea Kettle comes with a rounded handle that gives it a pop art style that's specific only to Circulon. It comes in a blue shade that can work together well with your kitchen since it's a color that induces a calming effect. 

To pour the boiled water, you have to make use of the squeeze and pour spout lever located right on the handle. It’s ergonomically shaped to follow the natural curve of your hand, so you don’t have to apply a ton of upper arm strength to open the spout. 

You won’t risk spilling any boiled water on yourself because Circulon has equipped this kettle with an airtight stainless steel lid. There’s finally a product that combines modern design elements with sturdy construction. 

The light blue enamel makes up the exterior of this kettle, which allows it to resist any stain without making it hard for you to clean. In fact, the Circulon Sunrise Tea Kettle takes minimal effort to clean, making it perfect for anyone with a hand injury. 

Whenever the water is boiling at the ideal temperature for your tea, it'll start to whistle loud enough for you to rush over to turn off the burner. 


Insider Thoughts 

Customers love how the Sunrise Tea Kettle fits in wonderfully with other Circulon products, allowing you to design a kitchen that looks well put together. You can’t find many kitchens equipped with a single brand because it’s rare to come across one that can fulfill every one of your expectations. 

We're glad to report that Circulon tends to check out as being a manufacturer that's fantastic at producing any tool you can ever need in your kitchen. Keep in mind that due to its low price, it doesn't feature a five-layer construction like some of its competition. 

It seems like the entire kettle is made out of stainless steel, but is covered in porcelain enamel paint. These are the only two materials used, meaning it’s not as durable as some of the high-end options. 

Buyer Advice

Some buyers aren't all too happy with some of the features, but for such a low price and a limited lifetime warranty- it's hard to complain. You'll notice that when you pour the boiling water, come of it will leak along the sides of the spout. You won't be able to pour a cup of tea seamlessly, but if you're using a pot, it won't matter. 

You can avoid having the water leak by not filling it to maximum capacity. The more water in the kettle, the more likely it will be that you won’t have a firm grip on it. 

How To Clean

Cleaning this kettle doesn’t require as much effort as others because of its porcelain enamel paint covering the exterior. This prevents any scratches that may result from scraping off any burnt food with a brillo pad. 

The best kettle cleaning method would be to use a plastic utensil to scrape off any stains. Remember to let it soak in warm water before you do so since that will soften the food- making cleaning it easy. 

Where can you buy? 

Amazon is the preferred online vendor to purchase the Circulon Sunrise Tea Kettle. This is because it is currently offering a promotion on this product- over 50 percent off! You can’t get a better deal online than from Amazon. 

You won’t have to spend more than $20 to have this beautiful kettle accentuate the interior design scheme of your kitchen. 

33Circulon Sunrise Teakettle

Final Thoughts 

Making tea is a lost art form that is slowly resurfacing again thanks to the efforts made by manufacturers such as Circulon to produce high-quality tea kettles. An example of a modern-day kettle is the Circulon Sunrise model. With a low price tag and user-friendly features, you'll be content with your purchase.

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