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Eurolux Tea Kettle Review

The way you design your kitchen makes a statement about who you are as a person. You can opt-out for cheap looking appliances, but that will reflect badly on you when you have guests over. The goal is to equip your kitchen with inexpensive items that look high-end, and you can achieve that with any Eurolux Tea Kettle.

Eurolux produces a variety of kettle models, but its whistling tea kettle is slowly emerging to be in high demand. To figure out whether this is the right kettle for you, continue reading our review on it! 

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Eurolux Tea Kettle Review


  • Holds 2.7 quarts 
  • Five-Layer Metal Design 
  • Cool to the Touch Handle 
  • Comes with Tea Infuser

What’s so special about it?

Eurolux has a reputation for producing high-grade home appliances that largely remain in the electronic category. Only until recently has the brand expanded into manufacturing practical yet not electronic appliances such as a tea kettle. Those of you who are interested in electric tea kettles should take the time to search the ones Eurolux has to offer since it produces the best in the market. In fact, the Eurolux Tea Kettle takes all the best parts of its electronic counterpart but applies them in a stovetop model. 

Other tea kettles in the market tend to feature two layers of metal, which is extremely lightweight and cheap. These types of kettles are a waste of money and will degrade within a couple of months. In the end, it entirely depends on how often you plan to use your kettle and whether or not you meticulously clean it. 

Eurolux sets a high standard with its kettle by equipping it with five layers of metal. It uses metals such as iron, aluminum, and top-grade stainless steel. This ideal combination of metals permits the kettle's base to heat up evenly. 

The aluminum is a defining element of this kettle because it uniformly spreads the heat. This even heat distribution permits the water to boil quickly. It also keeps the water warm for long time frames, which is ideal for small get-togethers. 

You get precise water temperature every time you use the EuroLux Tea Kettle to boil your water whether you need it for coffee brewing or tea making. Since the water heats up at optimal levels, it’ll boil extremely fast.  

Pouring the boiling water won’t be a difficult task thanks to its non-slip and cool handle that doesn’t absorb any heat. It’s easy to get a firm grip on this kettle, so you don’t risk spilling it on the table. The lever comes built with a spring that controls the opening and closing of the spout. Every part of the handle is also BPA free, which means Eurolux has high safety standards. 

To make the product even more desirable than it already is, Eurolux includes a stainless steel infuser to ensure you can use loose leaf tea. You can customize your tea thanks to this addition. 

Are you planning to host a tea party in your home? The Eurolux Tea Kettle will suffice since it carries up to 2.7 quarts of water, which translates to 11 cups of tea. You're not just limited to making tea. In fact, you can use this kettle to brew coffee and make a cup of hot chocolate for the kids! 

Insider Thoughts

Buyers love how this teapot is compatible with a variety of stovetops. For instance, you can heat this kettle on a gas or magnetic induction, and even a ceramic stovetop. The base on this is broader than most kettles, which allows it to heat up water faster than others. 

Buying Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, the rust-proof quality of the stainless steel makes this a highly recommended kettle. The external material and user-friendly design make it easy to clean the kettle.  

You can remove the lid to clean the inside of it. If you have big hands, cleaning it won’t be an issue because of the wide opening. This is a product that won’t prove to be a hassle when it comes to maintaining its shiny quality. 

How to Clean Eurolux Tea Kettle

Did you know that most people clean their kettles wrong for entire lifetimes? Well, we're here to ensure you don't make a cleaning mistake which can damage the kettle further. You can take matters into your own hands and make a personal cleaning paste that consists of baking soda and water. 

  • A good ratio would be three tablespoons of baking soda for every four tablespoons of water. The mixture should have a thick consistency. 
  • Once you’ve thoroughly mixed the paste, you should lather it on the external part of the kettle. To avoid damaging the kettle, you should rub the baking soda along its grain. You should apply more paste to any area with burnt food. 
  • Use the back of a plastic spoon to remove any food left on the kettle. You have to be careful while doing so because it is easy to scratch this kettle.
  • To remove the baking soda that’s left, you have to dampen an immaculate cloth in white vinegar.  
  • Once you remove the residue, you can dry the kettle using a clean cloth. Utilizing such a material is important because it will lower the chances of watermarks drying onto its surface. 

Eurolux states that you don’t need to do all that to keep this kettle in top shape, but not doing so will greatly shorten the kettle’s lifespan in your kitchen. When you don’t have time to do a thorough cleaning of the Eurolux Tea Kettle, you can rinse it with water and allow it to air dry for a whole day. Don’t forget to place the kettle upside down to avoid murky water from building up at the bottom. 

Where can you buy?

The Eurolux Tea Kettle is an Amazon specialty item. The online vendor offers the best deal online regarding this product. With a price tag under $30, how can you resist adding this tea kettle to your beautiful kitchen countertops?

Final Thoughts

Those who want a decently priced kettle that looks high-end will find the Eurolux Tea Kettle to be the perfect product. With this kettle, you can take full advantage of innovative thermal technology while paying a fraction of the price. Its sleek and modern build allows it to fit in any kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your specific design choices. 

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