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Best Revere Tea Kettle of 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed

If you are going to buy a new tea kettle for your stove, you should consider purchasing a tea kettle made by the brand, Revere. Although the quality has gone down slightly over the years, a Revere tea kettle can last for years. These are the best Revere tea kettles of 2020:

  • Revere Whistling Tea Kettle 2 1/3 Quart, Silver
  • Revere 3 ½ Quart Copper Bottom Tea Kettle
  • Revere 1 Quart Tea Kettle Stainless Steel with Copper Bottom

These are the three main Revere tea kettles that are worth talking about. Any of these models of Revere tea kettles are exceptional. They are all very similar to each other, but the overall design of each is unique.

Each of these kettles has certain benefits, but they all have the same level of quality and the same type of copper base.

To find the best Revere tea kettle for you, decide what size would be best and what type of kettle will be the most useful and convenient to use for you. Think about what you will need to make hot water for and how much water that would require; that will give you a good idea of how big of a kettle you need.

Revere Whistling Tea Kettle 2 1/3 Quart, Silver

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  • Capacity options: 6-cup, 2 1/3-quart, and 3-quart
  • Copper base
  • Stainless steel with plastic handle
  • Weight: 1lb
  • Made in China


  • This model has a new whistle cap design
  • A stopper holds the cap of the spout open while filling with water


  • The pot of the kettle is thin-gauged steel
  • The plastic around the whistle can melt if the kettle is on the stove for too long
  • There is no removable top, so water fills through the spout


This is the standard Revere tea kettle. It has everything required for boiling water for tea – a spout cover with a trigger, a heat-resistant handle, and a copper base for even heating.

There are three sizes to choose between for this model, and it works great. Most people buy this model of Revere tea kettle.

Revere 3 ½ Quart Copper Bottom Tea Kettle

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  • Capacity: 3 ½ quarts
  • Material: polished stainless steel
  • Phenolic heat-resistant handle
  • Copper base
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs.


  • There is an easy-to-activate trigger that opens the lid for pouring and refilling
  • The copper base heats the water quickly


  • It is completely enclosed, and it must fill through the spout
  • It is hard to clean
  • There is a short distance between the handle and the metal; it is easy to burn yourself on it


There is not much wrong with this model of Revere tea kettle. The biggest issue comes from the lack of space between the handle and the metal of the pot. This lack of space can cause burn injury since you are more likely to touch the metal when it is hot.

Revere 1 Quart Tea Kettle Stainless Steel with Copper Bottom

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  • Capacity: 1 quart
  • Material: stainless steel with copper base


  • The handle is easy to hold
  • It has a trigger switch for opening the spout cover


  • There are very few customer reviews and ratings on this model of a tea kettle
  • It is tiny


This is one of the smaller Revere tea kettles. It is the same material as the other Revere tea kettles, stainless steel, and copper, but its small size tends to make it more durable.

It has a uniquely shaped handle. The other Revere tea kettles have a handle that loops from one end of the kettle to the other end, but the 1-quart tea kettle has a different type of handle, which makes it less likely to burn your hand on the metal while pouring.

Con of the Brand: Outsourced to China

Revere cookware has been around since the 1800s. But unfortunately, the quality has diminished to something that is less than high-quality. This change in material and manufacturing is due to the company’s decision to outsource their products through China.

Many of the previous customers who have reviewed Revere tea kettles and other Revere cookware say that Revere’s newer products are not as great as they used to be, because of this outsourcing.

Although outsourcing can save the company time and money, it does sometimes have the negative effect of a loss in quality, which is clearly displeasing to the consumer.

That goes to say, Revere tea kettles still work great; the metal is just thinner, and they may not last 50 years like the way the older models would.

Which Revere Tea Kettle Is the Best?

There is no particularly best Revere tea kettle. All three of these Revere kettles are almost identical; they just come in different sizes and have different handles.

Keep in mind that there are other kinds of tea kettles from other brands that may be a better choice than a metal tea kettle. Ceramic is a great alternative, but if you go for a metal one, stick with stainless steel since it is durable and easy to clean.

One of the downsides of these tea kettles is that none of them have a removable lid.

The water goes in through the spout and comes out the same way; this makes it difficult to clean. Most of the time, thorough cleaning is not necessary, as long as only water is the only liquid going into the kettle. Other liquids can cause buildup in the kettle, which would be nearly impossible to remove in a kettle that has no lid.

2020 Revere Tea Kettle Review Summary

Revere tea kettles have been around for hundreds of years. Although the design and quality have changed over time, they are still very reliable and perfect for heating water for tea.

When you buy a Revere tea kettle, you will see that it has a copper base. This type of base heats water extra fast. All Revere tea kettles have this type of base, and it improves the functionality of the cookware.

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